Stories of my life. And Yours.

About Me




I grew up thinking I wanted to milk cows for a living. Came to find out I was better fit holding a microphone and a camera than an udder.

True story.

You learn similar lessons working on the dairy farm and in the newsroom: that being a part of the community both drives your work and determines your livelihood, that blistering heat or life-threatening cold doesn’t let you off the hook and that a mistake could cost you everything.

Thus is the foundation of my beliefs. I believe in accuracy, compassion and justice. I believe in the power of today’s Multi Media Journalist.

Most reporters lack what I have.

If you send me to report on a “story”, you’ll get a beginning, middle and end. You’ll get characters. You’ll get emotion. More than facts thrown into a script, I write with passion and focus. I shoot with NPPA-based photojournalism that uses natural sound and sequences. I find connections between people… all with time to break it down to a VO/SOT, update social media, and write my web script before my coffee gets cold.  Call me a journalist, a writer, a photographer.

But at heart, I am a storyteller.

(Who knows really good cheese.)



  1. I think you should be the regular news person instead of just on weekends. In my opinion your delivery is much better than Stephenies. You are so at ease.

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