Stories of my life. And Yours.

About Me


 I grew up thinking I wanted to milk cows for a living. I came to find out I was better fit holding a microphone and a camera than an udder.

True story.

My time on the farm prepared me for the newsrooms I’d later work in. It drove me to take care of my community, to get rid of the excuses, and to show up for work each day with an extra pair of rubber boots. That gritty, relentless American experience taught me to find a story and tell it well.

I believe in accuracy, compassion and justice. I believe in the power of today’s journalist.

Most reporters lack what I have.

If you send me to report on a story, you’ll get a beginning, middle and end. You’ll get characters. You’ll get emotion. More than facts thrown into a script, I write with passion and focus. I shoot with NPPA-based photojournalism that uses natural sound and sequences. I find connections between people… all with time to break it down to a VO/SOT, update social media, and write my web script before my coffee gets cold.  Call me a journalist, a writer, a photographer.

But at heart, I am a storyteller.

(Who knows really good cheese.)



  1. I think you should be the regular news person instead of just on weekends. In my opinion your delivery is much better than Stephenies. You are so at ease.

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